Control Techniques Commander S100 1.5kW 6.8A 200/240Vac 1PH C1 Filter S100-02S71-0A0000

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Description for Control Techniques Commander S100 1.5kW 6.8A 200/240Vac 1PH C1 Filter


200-240Vac, 6.8A – 1.5KW Heavy Duty Rating

Size 2 (192 H x 68 W x 132 D)


Take charge of motor control and energy savings with Commander S. With a feature set optimised for simple applications, Commander S provides a cost-effective solution for installations that require plug and play convenience straight from the box.

Commander S is the first drive to come with an app interface as a standard feature. The Marshal app is Control Techniques revolutionary way to interface with the drive covering commissioning, monitoring, diagnostics and support.


The Marshal app with Near Field Communication built-in to the drive


  • Power off or on commissioning (even in the box)
  • FastStart – assisted commissioning. Only 4 simple steps to get you up and running with the Commander S100
  • Advanced features available in parameter setting
  • Pre-set application configurations


  • Parameters can be easily transferred from one drive to another – just tap to write as many drives as you want
  • Back-up and restore drive configuration via he app


  • Share configuration via Outlook, OneDrive, WhatsApp etc.
  • Shared configuration are compatible with Marshal & Connect (the PC commissioning tool)
  • Export customised wiring diagram and drive configuration to PDF format for the Commander S100

Offline capabilities

  • Create new configurations in the app
  • Open existing projects to review/change parameters for the Commander S100


  • Guided diagnostics for the system even without drive alarms or errors
  • Diagnostics available with power off or on for the Commander S100
  • Get support for drive alarms within the app
  • Error log & active error diagnostics – view active and historic error info
  • Differences from default – compare configuration against factory defaults


  • Activate the 5 Year Warranty via the app
  • Access & download support materials via your CT account for the Commander S100

Monitoring and security

  • Quick view of parameter settings & drive status
  • Restrict access to drive configuration via PIN for the Commander S100
  • Quick visualization of I/O, motor and speed settings

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  • Access to worldwide distribution network and local drive centers for sales and technical support
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Control Techniques


Commander S



Power Heavy Duty Rating


Current Heavy Duty Rating


Current Output Type


Frame Size

Size 2








C1 built-in EMC filter


With Keypad



Features for Control Techniques Commander S100 1.5kW 6.8A 200/240Vac 1PH


✓ Easy to install

The sleek curved design of Commander S100 optimizes component layout for a small footprint and easy access to terminals. The click-on/click-off DIN rail mount makes installation remarkably easy.

✓ Easy to Use

Using our new Marshal app (Android/iOS) your drive can be configured in under 60 seconds.

✓ Reliable

Durability is at the core of the Commander S100 design, guaranteeing performance throughout its whole lifetime.

✓ Cost effective

Equipped with unique features designed to save you time, energy and money.

For Full Details Refer to the Manufacturers Manual

Motor control of pumps, ventilators and compressors with general purpose variable speed drives.
Fan, Pump & Compressor Applications
  • Improved energy efficiency during periods of low demand
  • PID functionality makes advanced control easy and efficient without the need of an external controller
  • Skip Frequencies allow users to easily avoid equipment resonant frequencies, reducing high vibration levels
  • Catch an already spinning motor to reduce start-up time and increase productivity
  • Motor thermal protection prevents overheating of the motor during operation
  • Fire mode maximize availability of a building’s smoke extraction system in the event of a fire. Once activated the drive will run until failure
General purpose drives for accurate remote speed control of conveyor belts.
Moving Applications
  • Accurate speed control with onboard communications
  • S-ramp acceleration / deceleration profiling provides smooth speed transitions minimizing machine jerk
  • Linear V to F with a controllable boost to get the machine running
  • Overload capacity up to 150% for rapid acceleration or load changes
  • DC braking with stop indication used to stop the motor quickly
General purpose drives for stable motor control for processing mixers, kneaders, agitators and extruders.
Processing Applications (Mixers, Kneaders, Crushers, Agitators, Centrifuges, Spinning & Braiding machines for textile)
  • Ease of integration to external PLC or other management systems with onboard communications
  • Stability optimizer for improved motor control
  • Resistance compensation for excellent torque performance
  • Built-in EMC filter effectively reduces electromagnetic interference



Options for Control Techniques Commander S100 1.5kW 6.8A 200/240Vac 1PH


Remote Interfaces for the Commander S100 1.5kW 6.8A 200/240Vac 1PH
Remote IP66 KeypadRemote Keypad IP66
Remote mountable, intuitive plain text, multilingual LCD keypad for rapid set-up and helpful diagnostics from outside of a panel. Meets IP66 (NEMA 4)
Human Machine InterfaceHMI
The MCh panels and MChMobile Software have been designed for the easy development of HMI applications including factory and building automation.
Optional Accessories for the Commander S100 1.5kW 6.8A 200/240Vac 1PH
Cable Management BracketCable Management Bracket
Use of the optional cable management bracket allows the wiring cables to be neatly secured under the drive.
 Fiber FilterFiber Filter
The optional fiber filter allows the drive to operate efficiently even in environments prone to airborne fibers (e.g. textile applications). Filter cleaning can be incorporated into the preventative maintenance cycle, lowering the risk of an unplanned outage.
USB Serial Communications LeadRS485 Cable
The USB comms cable allows the drive to connect to a PC for use with Commander’s PC tools.



Downloads for Control Techniques Commander S100 1.5kW 6.8A 200/240Vac 1PH

Commander S Brochure

Commander S Datasheet

Commander S User-Guide