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Control Techniques Unidrive M700 0.75kW HD 400V


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Control Techniques Unidrive M700 With Ethernet Comms

380-480Vac, 2.5A – 0.75kW Heavy Duty Rating

380-480Vac, 3.4A – 1.1kW Normal Duty Rating

Size 3 365 H x 83W x 200D

(Keypad not Included)

Control Techniques Unidrive M700 With Ethernet Comms

380-480Vac, 2.5A – 0.75kW Heavy Duty Rating

380-480Vac, 3.4A – 1.1kW Normal Duty Rating

Size 3 365 H x 83W x 200D

The drive for your industry and application
For Torque Control applications
  • Precision torque control with up to 250 μs update rate
  • Sensorless control of induction, permanent-magnet and hybrid PM motors
  • 98% efficient, minimal energy lost during the power conversion process
  • Easy common DC bus configuration, dynamic braking, and regenerative mode
  • Full spectrum of stand-alone, modular and pre-assembled drives up to 2.8MW (4,200hp)
  • On-board PLC to execute programs for logic and sequencing
For Speed Control applications
  • Fully configurable S-ramps
  • High bandwidth speed loop and switching frequencies supported up to 16 kHz
  • Built-in, universal feedback interface supporting everything from resolvers to incremental and absolute encoders
  • Stationary autotune
  • Low acoustic noise due to adjustable multi-speed fan and intelligent thermal management
  • Integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) input(s), certified to SIL3 / PLe
For Position Control applications
  • Support for virtually all control bus technologies, including traditional fieldbuses and serial communications
  • Effortless integration into PLC architectures with PLC Controlled Motion
  • Built-in, 1.5 axis advanced motion controller with cam profiles, homing, and electronic gearbox
  • Scalable integrated motion control reduces demand on, or can entirely replace, a central PLC
  • Comprehensive motion safety functions, including over safe networks

  • Features

    The built-in, ultra-flexible speed and position feedback interface supports a wide range of feedback technologies from robust resolvers to high resolution encoders, including SinCos, EnDat, SSI, HIPERFACE and BiSS.


    Unidrive supports sensorless control of induction, permanent-magnet, and hybrid PM motors, reducing system cost and improving robustness.

    High performance and high power

    With Unidrive there is no compromise between power and control performance. Unidrive supports high output switching frequencies throughout the power range, making it the drive of choice when your application demands uncompromised high performance control at high powers.


    High bandwidth motor control supporting switching frequencies up to 16 kHz, for open and closed loop induction, servo and hybrid PM motors, giving up to 3,000 Hz current loop bandwidth and 250 Hz speed loop bandwidth. Unidrive, with its high speed variants, is suitable for applications where output frequencies above 600 Hz are needed, such as spindles and centrifuges.

    Universally applicable

    Having one universal drive in control of multiple parts of the application radically simplifies machine design. Your engineering team only have one product to learn, allowing them to spend more time on other tasks. It also means a single, universal replacement for any maintenance, repair or operational need.

    Integrated Safety

    Modernising system design, replacing traditional electro-mechanical safety components with the capabilities of the latest generation of variable speed drives, is the new standard across industries to increase efficiency and availability.

    Unidrive offers integrated single or dual Safe Torque Off (STO) inputs, certified to SIL3 / PLe, providing an elegant and more reliable solution over traditional motor contactors.

    On-board PLC

    All Unidrive M series drives incorporate an easy to use, onboard PLC which can execute programs for logic and IEC 61131-3 motion and sequencing with real-time tasks.

    Advanced Motor Controller

    The Unidrive M700 series integrates a 1.5 axes Advanced Motion Controller, allowing motion functions to be synchronously carried out on the drive at 250 μs cycle time, minimising system latencies and maximising performance. By implementing motion control on the drive, the system design can be liberated from being tied to specific PLC vendors, at the same time reducing the computational load on the external PLC or even replacing it altogether.

    Key features of the Advanced Motion Controller include:

    • 250 μs cycle time
    • Motion profile generator
    • Electronic gearbox
    • Simple cam profiles with point-to-point selectable interpolation
    • Homing functions
    • High speed position freeze (Touch probe)


    MCi integrated machine controllers

    Second processor for PLC programs and multi-axis control MCi modules add a powerful second processor to Unidrive M, extending the drive’s system and machine control capabilities to run application programs up to four times faster than a standard PLC. MCi programs can access and manage Unidrive M’s embedded Advanced Motion Controller across a wide range of networks, providing perfectly synchronised multi-axis machine performance.

    The modules are powered from the drives internal power supply, which means less wiring and less physical space is required. They work seamlessly with external components such as I/O, HMIs and other networked drives through Unidrive M’s native communication ports and System Integration modules.

    The MCi210 also provides two additional Ethernet ports with an internal network switch.

  • Options


    Remote Keypad RTC
    The keypad is remote mountable, allowing flexible mounting on the outside of a panel (meets IP54/NEMA 12). Three line plain text, multi-language LCD keypad for rapid set-up and helpful diagnostics. Battery operated real-time clock allows accurate time stamping of events, aiding diagnostics
    Remote Keypad
    All the features of the CI-Keypad LCD, but remote mountable. This allows flexible mounting on the outside of a panel and meets IP66 (NEMA 4)
    Plain text, multi-language LCD keypad with up to 4 lines of text for in depth parameter and data descriptions, for enhanced user experience
    KI-Keypad RTC
    All the features of the KI-Keypad, but with battery operated realtime clock. This allows accurate time stamping of events, aiding diagnostics
     hmi Operator Interface (HMI)

    System Integration Modules – Feedback

    SI-Encoder Feedback System Integration Module SI-Encoder
    Quadrature encoder input interface module
    SI-Universal Encoder Feedback System Integration Modules SI-Universal Encoder
    Encoder input and output interface supporting Quadrature, SinCos, EnDat and SSI encoders

    System Integration Modules – Communications

    Connects Unidrive, Commander, Digitax and the Pump Drive families to all POWERLINK networks. SI-POWERLINK serves applications ranging from simple open-loop systems through to those demanding precise motion control. The protocol is based upon standard Ethernet and provides a solution for real-time Industrial Ethernet to satisfy the requirements of industrial automation and process control.
    SI-Profibus Communication System Integration Modules SI-PROFIBUS
    PROFIBUS interface module
    SI-Devicenet Communications System Integration Module SI-DeviceNet
    DeviceNet interface module
    SI-CANopen Communication System Integration Module SI-CANopen
    CANopen interface module.
    SI-Ethernet Communication System Integration Module SI-Ethernet
    External Ethernet module that supports EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP
    SI-EtherCAT Communications System Integration Module SI-EtherCAT
    EtherCAT interface module
    SI-Profinet Communications System Integration Module SI-PROFINET
    PROFINET interface module
    SI-Interbus-communications-option-module SI-Interbus

    Interbus interface modules.

    System Integration Modules – Applications

    SI-Application System Integration Module SI-Applications Plus
    Compatible module which allows existing SyPTPro application programs to be re-compiled for M700
     SI-Apps Compact System Integration Modules SI-Apps Compact 
    MCi200 system integration module MCi200
    Second processor, providing advanced machine control using Machine Control Studio
    MCi210 System Integration Module with a dual port Ethernet MCi210
    Adds to the MCi200 with a dual port Ethernet interface directly on the processor and additional I/O
     PTi210 PowerTools Integration Module PTi210
    Motion Made Easy module

    System Integration Modules – Additional I/O

    Remote I/O (M700/M701/M702 only)

    Easy connection to digital and analogue I/O signals that enable communication over the most widely used network protocols

    SI-IO-system-integration-option-module  SI-I/O
    Extended I/O interface module to increase the number of I/O points on a drive. Provides additional: 4 x Digital I/O, 3 x Analog inputs (default)/Digital inputs, 1 x Analog output (default)/Digital input, 2 x Relays

    System Integration Modules – Safety


    MiS210 safety option for Unidrive extends the built-in STO with motion safety capability and enables decentralised flexibility with the option of safety over ethernet connectivity.

    Drive interface units – Back-up

    SmartCard Smartcard
    The optional Smartcard memory device can be used to back-up parameter sets, as well as copying them from one drive to another
      SD Card Adaptor
    Conversion device that allows an SD card to be inserted into the Smartcard slot, for parameter cloning and application programs

    Drive interface units – Communications

    KI-485 Adaptor
    This allows the drive to communicate via RS485. This is commonly used for programming if the drive has no keypad
    CT USB Comms Cable
    The USB Comms cable allows the drive to connect to a PC for use with Unidrive M’s PC tools*


    * Also requires an adaptor.




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