Digital Conversion Kit For “CMC Blue Box” Controllers


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The Digital Conversion Kit is part of a complete tension control solution from Absolute Measurement.

The Digital Conversion Kit is designed to replace the original “CMC Blue Box” Controllers when used in conjunction with a DGT300+ and our software configuration.

The Digital Conversion kit provides a clear digital display showing both the measured tension of the application and the desired tension set by the operator via the analogue potentiometer mounted on the front of the Conversion Kit. The display is scaled to suit the application and has a high refresh rate which allows the current tension to be reliably displayed. The unit has the same aperture as all previous “CMC Blue Box” controllers for direct replacement and the unit benefits from a greatly reduced depth and weight.

The unit comes with a 2 meter trailing lead.

The Digital Conversion Kit in combination with a DGT300+ and our software is both a stand alone tension solution or a digital upgrade for the complete obsolete range of “CMC Blue Box” controllers.


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